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Why adventures matter

If I survive this, I’ll call myself an Adventurer.

I was climbing the rough cliffs and gravel slopes of Mt. Dome in the heart of Alaska, with all four tentacles doing their utmost to keep me balanced and adrenaline pumping my system. I stopped and breathed, and for the first time the thought really struck me, “When are you allowed to call yourself an Adventurer?”
My feet started to slide in the steep slope of gravel-mixed sand again, and I plunged forward digging my hiking-poles deep into the sand in hope of hitting rock. Me against gravity. One bad move and I’d slide hundreds of feet and fall over the edge of the who-knows-how deep drop. “If I survive this, I’ll call myself an Adventurer,” I said to myself while trying to catch my breath.

Adventure begins when you live out of that deepest passion of your heart.

That’s the thing about adventures, they are wherever you follow your dreams and throw yourself into the thing that intrigues you most. And if you do it, you’re an adventrurer as much as anybody. Be it art, leadership, sky-diving or understanding the human soul, the adventure will be right where you are, if you only live out of that deepest passion of your heart. In the midst of my day to day job in the Finnish urban jungle I call home, I see it coming. The adventure of mastering life, leading people, discovering truth, knowing God, capturing moments, and stopping to breath and admire creation out in the middle of nowhere.

Whatever your adventure is, it will make you an Adventurer, if you dare to live it. And it’s actually only there, when living your adventure, that you will find life.

- Stefan



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